Coronavirus can be dealt with test match tactics, said Master Blaster!


While the whole world is trying to defend themselves from Coronavirus, our legendary batsman, Sachin Tendulkar has some effective techniques which can help us to stay safe from deadly COVID-19.

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar wrote in a commentary for Times of India Newspaper that this virus is ‘beyond our collective comprehension’ but it can be dealt with test match cricket tactics. According to Master Blaster, COVID-19 is just like test matches that need to be faced with patience and team-work.

Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar said that test matches help us to respect what we don’t understand. He makes us value patience, Master Blaster wrote. He said, “When we don’t understand the pitch conditions or bowler, the defense is the best form of attack which is used in test cricket matches”, so coronavirus also needs to be deal with patience if we want to defend ourselves from it!”

COVID-19 has claimed three deaths and 169 cases in India and the country is afraid of the spread of the disease that has killed nearly 9,000 people all around the globe! In order to stop the outspread of this deadly virus, India has also imposed travel instructions wherein no-one can enter India or go to another country!

The veteran cricketer got retired at the age of 46, and got retired in 2013 after scoring 15,921 runs from 200 tests and is the youth icon for teenagers all over the world.  He advises that every country should work against this deadly virus, by using cricket language, he remarked that as Individual capability can help in one day and T20 matches, in test cricket it’s all about patience and teamwork”. “Test cricket is all about showing dramatic comebacks”, he added. “It’s the time when every nation should consider themselves as part of one team and fight it session by session to emerge victoriously”.

Sachin Tendulkar’s advice can help us to combat this virus effectively!


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