COVID-19: Bangladesh Cricketers will donate their Half-month Salary to Govt!

Bangladesh Players will donate half-month salary to Government!

The celebrities, cricketers as well as a common man is doing their bit to help the needy during COVID-19 Pandemic. Recently, 27 players of Bangladesh cricket team have decided to contribute for the welfare of the needy people during the Coronavirus threat by donating their half-month salaries to the Government relief fund. While 17 players are in the Bangladesh Cricket Board central contract list while other players are currently in the national team.

As the whole country is fighting a battle against Coronavirus Pandemic the Bangladesh cricketers have decided to donate half of their monthly salaries to the government relief fund so that the needy people can be reached out and helped during this tough times. According to the latest report in Bangladesh’s publications, 27 players are donating half of their monthly salaries to the Government’s relief fund. Among them, 17 players are of Bangladesh Cricket Board contract list and the other 10 players are in the national team.

“The whole world is fighting against Coronavirus Pandemic. And as cricketers, we have a responsibility towards the society and as citizens of India we are trying to make the people aware of the necessary steps they should take in order to combat this Pandemic”, said a joint statement from Bangladesh players. 

“But we strongly believe that besides just raising awareness among the people about COVID-19 we should do something to help them in these tough times. 17 players are in the central contract of BCB and the other 10 players who are the part of the national team in all there are total 27 players who are willing to give their half-monthly salary to Government to help them fight against Coronavirus”, the statement included further.

“After excluding the official tax amount the total amount would be approximately 25 lakhs. This fund is not as big as the fight against Coronavirus. But if we all together will contribute form our sides then collectively it might be a bigger step to fight against Coronavirus.

“If we collectively take up the responsibility and try to make contribution wholeheartedly without criticizing others, then we will definitely win the war which is going on against coronavirus. Everyone we request you to stay at Home, Stay Safe. Be healthy and keep our nation safe”, the statement further added.

The total number of 39 people are tested positive for deadly COVID-19 in Bangladesh with a toll of five deaths.

Bravo for the Bangladesh Cricketers who have taken a step towards helping the needy and people affected with COVID-19. Such small steps can really make a big difference in these tough times.