Darren Sammy’s Racism Allegation is catching fire as Ishant Sharma’s Old Instagram Post Emerges!

Ishant Sharma

Darren Sammy has recently shared a video where he revealed that he is called ‘Kalu’ by his own SRH teammates & is angry about it. Fans recently found Ishant Sharma old Instagram post where he addressed Darren Sammy as ‘Kalu’.

Former West Indies Captain, Darren Sammy recently expressed his anger on his Instagram story after finding out the meaning of the word “Kalu”, that was used for him when he was playing for SunRisers Hyderabad in the IPL. He also revealed in the video that the racist comments the racist slur was used by some of his own SRH teammates. Now fans have dug up out some old social media posts & they found one Instagram post by Ishant Sharma where he calls Sammy “Kalu” and a tweet by Sammy himself wishing VVS Laxman on his birthday in 2014, where he uses the word to refer to himself.

Ishant Sharma in 2014 had uploaded a photo with Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Darren Sammy & Dale Steyn. “Me, bhuvi, Kalu and gun SunRisers,” Ishant had captioned the photo. Whereas Sammy had written in his tweet in November 2014, “Happy birthday @VVSLaxman281 May God continue to bless you. #bestdresser oh remember dark Kalu”.

Sammy shared a video describing how some of his former teammates would call him by that word & how he was going to message those who called him by that name.

In the video, Sammy said, “This doesn’t apply to all so when I found the meaning of a certain word, I had said I was angry on finding out the meaning and it was degrading, instantly I remembered when I played for SunRisers Hyderabad, I was being called exactly the same word which is degrading to us black people,”.

“I will be messaging those people, you guys know who you are, I must admit at that time when I was being called as that word I thought the word meant strong stallion or whatever it is, I did not know what it meant, every time I was called with that word, there was laughter at that moment, I thought teammates are laughing so it must be something funny,” Sammy added further.


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