Domestic cricket matches in Sri-Lanka got postponed due to Coronavirus Outbreak!

Source: Getty Images

Coronavirus outbreak has led the whole world come to a standstill. Unlike other sporting events Sri-Lanka allowed domestic matches to commence till March 16th. But due to the increasing threat of Coronavirus Sri- Lanka cricket has postponed all domestic cricket going on in the country as the nation went into a curfew from Friday, to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Local cricket match can play a role in transmission of Coronavirus in Sri-Lanka. A big interschool match was conducted between boys of S. Thomas College and Royal College during March 12 and 14, with thousands of people witnessing the match at the SSC. One of those spectators was tested positive for COVID-19, since after that all those who came into contact with him have been asked to self-isolate themselves.

In light of this ongoing pandemic Sri-lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa said on Tuesday that he requested Sri-lankan cricket board to call off the Royal Thomian match but his appeal got unnoticed. Doctors have expressed the concern that this match can be the ground of a mass transmission event of COVID-19.

Let’s hope that during this tough times Sri-Lanka’s President’s request get accepted and the Royal Thomian match is called to stop further outspread of Novel COVID-19.


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