England’s Physical Disability Cricket Squad will Run A Marathon In A Day to Raise Funds for Charity!


England Physical Disability Cricket Squad has pledged to run a Marathon in a day in order to raise funds for the Lord’s Taverner’s Charity.

During this marathon which is named 2.6 challenge, the squad will try to complete about 26 miles of running every day for at least ten days. England PD squad member Callum Flynn said that apart from funds they will also try to raise awareness about disability cricket at the same time.

“Like other athletes & cricketers, we also wish that we could have been outside on the pitch playing right now. So while we are hoping to return to the pitch we are trying to focus our energy into something positive, which can help us to raise funds for the needy. We have decided to run & raise funds for the fantastic work done by Lord’s Taverners & hopefully raise the profile of disability cricket at the same time”, said Flynn.

We will and run at least 260 miles together for the next 10 days. We know by our very own experiences what cricket can really do for the people with a disability, how it can improve your confidence, your health & ultimately your life. It would be very effective if we could raise some funds to support the Lord’s Taverners & their life-changing initiative”, he added.

Applauding England PD squad, ECB’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Harrison said that they are “exceptional cricketers & individuals” and they are “incredibly proud” of what they are doing for the people.

“Our disability squads continue to inspire as well as amaze us with what they have achieved both on as well as off-field. These guys are exceptional cricketers & individuals, they are real heroes. We are incredibly proud of what they are doing to support the initiative of Lord’s Taverners. I hope that their efforts will raise a significant sum of money for the cause of charity”, quoted Harrison.


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