English Cricket Chief takes 25% Pay cut amid COVID-19 Pandemic!


English Cricket Board (ECB) Chief Tom Harrison on Wednesday voluntarily accepted to take the same 25% pay cut in salary as other employees are taking in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

On Tuesday when Harrison disclosed the ECB’s 61 million pounds aid package in the wake of once in a generation challenge of COVID-19 he said he would willingly accept the 25% pay cut. On Wednesday the ECB disclosed all the details.

 “The proposed pay cuts will be different according to each employee’s job position starting from 25% to 10%”, said an ECB statement they would consult staff on plans to reduce all employee’s salaries for almost two months in the wake of COVID-19.

“The executive management team and the board will receive a salary reduction of almost 20% while the chief executive officer Tom Harrison would voluntarily take a 25% salary reduction”. Harrison enjoys an annual salary of 2,500 pounds per month with the ECB paying the additional 20% of the reduced salary.

Meanwhile, the ECB board has decided to stop the recruitment in 2020 for all the position but the critical roles would be recruited if an employee leaves the board.

“Yesterday we released an interim financial package which is essential for ensuring the short time survival of the professional & recreational cricket network”, said Harrison.

“Today we have made a difficult announcement to cut central costs through a number of measures- all with a desire to protect the jobs of people in the long-term and ensure that we are prepared to face the storm ahead”.

Harrison said that till Tuesday there were no plans to enforce pay cuts on leading England players with the start of any domestic cricket delayed until May 28th.

It seems like the players are yet to be contacted to discuss the pay cut directly. World Cup-winning captain Morgan was asked on Wednesday that he is willing to accept a pay cut to which he replied, “I am extremely willing to help where I know my a bit can make a difference, I am open to anything”, he said.


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