Finally Suresh Raina Reveals the Reason behind Pulling Out of the IPL 2020!


CSK superstar batsman Suresh Raina has revealed the reason behind pulling out of the IPL 2020 & flying back to home from the UAE.  

The left handed batsman said that he had to come back for his family as there was an emergency within the family which needs to be addressed immediately.

 “It was a personal decision and I had to come back for my family. There was something that needed to be addressed immediately on the home front,” Raina told media.

There have been various reports indicating a rift between the IPL batsman & the CSK team management but the Cricketer denied all the rumors stating his decision to leave CSK camp as a ‘tough’ decision.

“CSK is my family too and Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) is very important to me and this was a tough decision. There is no issue between CSK and me,” Raina added.

“Nobody will just turn their back on Rs 12.5 crore and walk away without a solid reason,” Raina added.

“I have a young family back home and I was concerned about the fact that if something happened to me,” Raina said. “My family is most important to me and I am really concerned for them during these times. I haven’t seen my kids for more than 20 days, even after coming back, since I am in quarantine.”

Raina’s family members are facing serious problem as his close relatives were attacked in Pathankot. “The Pathankot incident was horrible and has really been very disturbing for everyone in our family. And it was my responsibility to come back and take care of them. But since I’ve returned, I’ve been in quarantine here. So, I still have to go meet my parents and my bua who are all in great distress,” the 33-year-old added.