Ganguly & Jay Shah will seek extension of their BCCI Roles from Supreme Court On Wednesday!

Ganguly & Jay Shah will seek extension of their BCCI Roles from Supreme Court On Wednesday!

Sourav Ganguly’s tenure as the BCCI President will end on July 26 while Jay Shah’s tenure as Secretary has already ended. The Cricket Association of Bihar will not oppose Ganguly & Jay Shah extension of their roles in the BCCI when the matter comes up before a two judge bench in Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Ganguly’s tenure as President will end on 26th July & Jay Shah’s tenure as secretary has already ended whereas Joint Secretary Jayesh George’s ends on 23rd September. The lawyers of the BCCI will make an appeal in the Supreme Court to allow them their roles extension because in the pandemic situation they can’t have elections and BCCI can’t be left without officials either when the Board is planning to resume cricket – first the IPL, then India’s tour of Australia and then domestic cricket.

The BCCI had filed two petitions one in December & the other in April asking for several amendments that were recommended at its AGM last year. The key amendment was for Ganguly & Jay Shah to continue their tenure in Office till 2025, thereby passing the cooling-off period, as mandated by the new constitution.

Among the other amendments passed by the BCCI general body last year were making modifications in disqualifying criteria, giving more powers to the BCCI Secretary, no say of the court if the board wants to alter its constitution. Any order on the procedure of the BCCI would mean that the Supreme Court is reversing its own orders, however for this to happen the order should come from a bigger bench.

In the course of time despite of the tenure being ended Jay Shah has attended the IPL meetings of the BCCI without any proposed reason for his presence. With the resignation of BCCI’s CEO and General Manager Cricket Operations, the Board is now desperate to not lose more officials to tenure cap in the middle of this pandemic.


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