Glenn Maxwell’s TikTok Video is the New Sensation on Social Media!

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell re-enacted a scene from the 1997 Jim Carrey starrer movie “liar liar” in his latest TikTok video.

Coronavirus has locked up the entire world in their houses & cricketers are not an exception. Lockdown has prevented cricketers from hitting the pitch & so they are trying their hands on popular video enacting app, TikTok. While David Warner takes the cake when it comes to TikTok videos his few teammates are icing on the cake who is giving him tough competition on the video-sharing app. Dashing batsman Glenn Maxwell took to Tiktok to share a video of him enacting a scene from the 1997 Jim Carrey starrer movie “Liar Liar”.

The original scene has Jim Carrey at his best and Maxwell does an outstanding job of imitating the iconic actor. In the move, the star actor Jim Carrey plays a crooked lawyer whose son made a wish on his birthday that his father spends a whole day without lying and the wish comes true, Carrey was unable to say a single lie even when he wants to.

In the scene re-enacted by Maxwell, Carrey’s character is trying to incorrectly describe a pen’s colour but fails miserably due to his son’s wish which comes true.

The 31-year-old explosive batsman has taken a short mental health break in October last year & he credited his girlfriend for noticing the change in him. “it was my partner who suggested me to talk to someone she was the first one who noticed it so I should thank her as well. Once I had a conversation I felt a big weight went off my shoulders”, Maxwell added.

The Australian credited Raman who strongly stood with him during his struggles with mental health. “My girlfriend was probably No.1 it wasn’t an easy job for her to deal with me facing mood swings for the first few weeks, but Michael Llyod was the guy I first had an initial conversation with he has been someone who I have confided in since my academy days, soi have known him for over a decade now”.


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