Harbhajan Singh is unhappy with the ‘Bandra incident’ amid the lockdown!


Earlier on 14th April PM Narendra Modi has extended the tenure of the nationwide lockdown till 3rd May in the wake of deadly COVID-19 Pandemic. Following the extended tenure of the lockdown, there was a sudden panic among the daily wage earners group due to the shortage of money and essential supplies which they are facing due to the ongoing lockdown. 0n 14th April evening, a huge number of workers gathered at Bandra station demanding to send them home or provide them with basic essentials. The Mumbai Police in order to prohibit them from gathering in such huge numbers retorted to Lathi charge when the crowd seemed to be going out of control. Such incident has enraged Former star bowler Harbhajan Singh.

Almost 3000 and plus migrants arrived at the Bandra Railway station in Mumbai demanding transportation facilities so that they can return to their native places. Harbhajan Singh tweeted on his twitter handle, “Curfew is the only option to keep everyone inside safe and healthy…what happened in Bandra today is unacceptable…people not understanding the situation…putting their own life and others in danger @narendramodi @AUThackeray”.

The Mumbai police tried to cajole the crowd from gathering in huge numbers, retorted to a mild lathi-charge when the crowd went out of the control and breaking all the norms of the ongoing lockdown. The migrant workers demanded that they could not live in such miserable conditions in the city away from their homes and families which are in different parts of India with the nationwide lockdown getting extended till May 3. Irrespective of the ongoing lockdown they demanded police to make arrangements for suitable transportation facilities to help them to go to their respective towns and villages.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic all the major sporting events across the globe have been either canceled or suspended. The destiny of the cash-rich IPL league is also vague as the BCCI is looking at an October-November schedule to host the glitzy IPL league.


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