“I can’t take it anymore”, Yuzvendra Chahal is dying to hit the cricket pitch!

Yuzvendra Chahal

When the whole world is getting tired of sitting at home for days, Yuzvendra Chahal is not different than other people who are fed up from the ongoing lockdown. Yuzvendra Chahal has accepted that his complaint is the lack of cricket whereas earlier his complain was getting little downtime between matches and series.

Indian leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has admitted that he is so fed up from staying at home during the ongoing lockdown that he admitted that he will never come back to his home once the lockdown is lifted. Chahal like other cricketers has been at his residence since the lockdown has commenced from March 25 to combat deadly coronavirus pandemic.

During the lockdown Chahal has been active on social media on various platforms such as in his own TikTok videos with his families, Instagram lives with his teammates or even gatecrashing live videos of other cricketers.

“Main apne Ghar se lockdown ho jaunga. I will never come back to my home, that’s it for me…I can’t take this anymore, can’t stay at home and stay ideal without playing cricket so longer. These days of staying at home will suffice for the next three years now”, Chahal told media. “I will live in a nearby hotel but will not stay at home, that’s it for me, I can’t bear these lockdown days anymore”.

Chahal admitted that his complaint currently is lack of cricket, whereas earlier his complaint was that the players are getting little time gap between matches and series.

“I will go to the cricket pitch, I really want to bowl. When we have lots of cricket to play we say ‘there is so much going on’ but we start missing it when there is o action at all. You will be good when you go to the cricket pitch, I miss bowling, I am what I am because of cricket only. All credit goes to cricket! I will surely go and bowl at least a ball on the day lockdown gets over”, he said.

The entire cricket tournaments have come to a halt all across the globe including India due to the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic which has claimed almost more than 200 deaths in the country so far.


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