IPL 2020 will replace the slot of T20 World Cup says, Ian Chappell!

IPL 2020 will replace the slot of T20 World Cup says, Ian Chappell!

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell said that according to him the chances of commencing T20 World as per the schedule are very rare.

Ian Chappell said that it is not sure that the T20 World Cup will go ahead as scheduled in October as it is predicted that the IPL will take the World cup slot. Chappell said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India will anyhow take out the way if they want to host the IPL which was postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in place of T20 World Cup. Chappell said that there are very rare chances of hosting the T20 World Cup as per the schedule. “The first thing you now is that the BCCI will win”.

“They’ll get their way if they want to play in October. At this point it appears to me that the chances of the T20 World Cup going ahead are somewhere between Buckley’s and none,” Chappell said.

Another former Australian Captain, Mark Taylor has also presented his opinions on the future of the T20 World Cup & said that in the current scenario conducting IPL is the best option. “I think that’s the more likely scenario (IPL replacing T20 World Cup). 15 teams traveling to Australia between October-November playing 45 matches over a proposed seven venues in the world that we live in is going to be extremely difficult,” Taylor told to a leading media portal.

Taylor clear said that if the IPL doesn’t take the slot of the T20 World Cup then it will put the responsibility on an individual whether he wants to travel or not. “If ICC postpones the T20 World Cup then it will definitely open the door for the BCCI to urge that we will have our IPL in India. Which will then put the responsibility on individuals rather than countries moving in teams over to a country/’, Taylor concluded.

Currently there is no official announcement made regarding the commencement of the IPL & replacing the T20 World Cup by ICC & BCCI. It’s now just a wait & watch situation for cricket lovers.


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