Ishant Sharma recalls the Incident of Mocking Steve Smith!

Ishant Sharma

Former Indian bowler Ishant Sharma mocked Steve Smith during the 2017 Bengaluru test match by making faces, this incident is still registered in the mind of the fans.

The face that Ishant Sharma made when he was mocking Steve Smith during the 2017 tets match at Bengaluru is still remembered by his fans. The fast bowler spoke about the incident & revealed the reason behind his action he said that he made funny faces so that the Australian Star becomes uncomfortable.

Ishant Sharma did the mockery of the Australian Skipper Steve Smith during the second test match of the four-match test series at Bengaluru in the year 2017 by making funny faces at Smith. It was an actually important match for India as the team has already lost the first Test at Pune. During the match at Bengaluru, Ishant Sharma tried to make the Australian Skipper Steve Smith uncomfortable by making comic faces at him. It seemed that Ishant Sharma was trying to make fun of Smith’s quirky mannerisms while batting.

Ishant Sharma’s quirky actions also left Virat Kohli burst in laughter & he was seen laughing while stationed at the slip-cordon.

“It was a close game people lose their concentration when they are swayed by emotions & you do anything to upset the batsman so whatever I could do to upset him, I did that. Smith upsets the bowlers a lot, we know if we dismissed him, then we could go on to win the match,” Ishant told opening batsman Mayank Agarwal on “Open Nets with Mayank” on

“I was trying to upset him & was thinking how can I do it, I was just trying to get him out of his comfort zone so that his performance can get affected. I was trying to make him uncomfortable,” he added.

When Mayank asked Ishant Sharma that whether he will so the same to Smith when Australia will tour to India later this year he replied that “I am at a stage where I am looking to enjoy my cricket, I am enjoying my cricket, I am more focused to take wickets and win the match for India”.


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