It was Never Difficult for Bhajji to bowl to Star Batsman Chris Gayle!


Former Indian Spinner Harbhajan Singh reveals that he had never ever found it difficult to bowl to the West Indies Star batsman Chris Gayle.

In a recent interview, the 39-year-old spinner revealed his strategy he was using to bowl the self-proclaimed ‘Universe Boss’. Chris Gayle is one of the ruthless batsmen in the world till date. The day when Gayle is in mood he can hit six after six for fun & spoil a bowler’s mood. He has fetched the highest score in the IPL with an unbeaten 175 runs in 66 balls which he scored against Pune Warriors India in 2013. Be it ODIs, T20Is, or test matches Gayle’s natural attacking style has troubled the opposition across all formats.

But India Spinner Harbhajan Singh reveals that he has never found it difficult to bowl to the West Indies batsman. In a recent interview with the leading media portal, Harbhajan Singh asked about his strategy to bowl against David Warner, Chris Gayle & Suresh Raina. In reply to the question, “Warner is very good on the back foot – he will cut you. He can switch-hit, he can sweep pretty nicely, he can hit you over cover. He can step out too. Compared to Gayle, Warner is more difficult for me to bowl to.”

“When Gayle is concerned if someone bowls quick to him he will keep hitting sixes. If someone bowls slow to him, he’ll have to come out of the crease, which he is not comfortable with. I have never ever felt it difficult to bowl against Gayle,” the off-spinner revealed.

“I have bowled a lot of overs to him in power plays. He did not have a sweep. He did not have the shot over mid-on,” he further said. Praising Warner, Harbhajan Singh added “Warner hits everywhere so it is very important to vary the bowl pace against him. Your body language, your eye contact has to be right. You cannot show him you are scared.”


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