Justin Langer reacts on the Reports Claiming Players are Unhappy with his Coaching Style!

Justin Langer

Australia’s Head Coach Justin Langer said that he cannot “ignore” the reports that the senior cricketers in the camp were frustrated with his coaching style & said that it’s a wake-up call for him. He further said that this criticism will be a great gift for him in a few weeks or months.

Australia’s disappointing performance against India in the test series has seen many faults come under the scanner & according to the report in the Sydney Morning Herald Senior players of the team find all-rounder & assistant coach Andrew McDonald more approachable than Langer.

“I’m not going to ignore this, of course, and absolutely it is a wake-up call. Whenever I finish this coaching career I hope I’m still calling myself a novice coach…I’ll see this criticism as a great gift in a few weeks or months,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Langer as saying.

“My greatest mentors in life are the people who told me the truth and were toughest on me, and I’ve always needed that honest feedback. I might not enjoy it at the time, but it is so, so valuable,” he added.

The Sydney Morning Herald found some sources saying that some senior cricketers are annoyed with Langer’s micro-management within the Australian camp. Players have also raised questions on Langer’s interaction with team’s bowlers. But Langer denied micro-managing Australian bowlers saying that he never attends bowlers meetings or talks about the statistics with them.

“Leadership isn’t a popularity contest. If players just want someone to tickle their stomachs all the time then I’m not doing my job,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Langer as saying.

“It’s actually the opposite of what happens. I never talk about statistics to the bowlers, ever. I don’t go to any of the bowlers’ meetings. That’s what the bowlers” coach is meant to be doing,” he added.

After losing the epic Border Gavaskar Test Series against India with 2-1, Justin Langer said that nothing should be taken for granted & one shouldn’t underestimate the Indian Cricket team. The Cricket Australia Board members are scheduled to meet on Friday for the first time since the loss of series to India.


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