Kevin Pietersen has unveiled the Positive Outcome of COVID-19!

Kevin Pietersen has unveiled the Positive Outcome of COVID-19!

Kevin Pietersen has found the bright side of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. According to Kevin, the awkward greetings rituals have now become a thing of past as Coronavirus has made social distancing a necessity.

The ongoing Pandemic has forced various countries across the globe to seal their borders & implement a nationwide lockdown that left people locked inside their homes. Everyone is now cursing the virus as the deadly virus has disrupted the lives of people & it seems impossible to limit the havoc of this global pandemic. But former England batsman Kevin Pietersen is of different opinion & has unveiled the positive side of the Pandemic. The cricketer turned commentator on Wednesday took to Twitter to thank the novel coronavirus for making “awkward greetings” rituals, like kissing on the cheek & handshaking a thing of past.

“The one thing I’ll thank COVID for is NO MORE of those awkward greetings. One kiss on a cheek, or two, or 3, like in Europe etc. And the handshake for NO REASON! They’re GONE!,” Pietersen tweeted.

Kevin Pietersen was born in South Africa but played for England at the International level & went on to play over 104 Test match, 136 One Day Internationals, and 37 20-20 Internationals.

During the ongoing lockdown, Pietersen has been very active on social media and recently during a live chat session, he was asked to choose between Indian Skipper Kohli and Australia’s Steve Smith by fellow commentator Pommie Mbangwa.

Kevin without even wasting a minute picked Kohli over Smith & even went on to say that Steve “doesn’t even come close” to the Indian Superstar.

“Kohli, hands down. Freak show. His record chasing, winning games for India with the amount of pressure he consistently lives under, Smith doesn’t even come close,” said the former England batsman.

Currently the whole world is under the stringent lockdown enforced to curb the deadly virus which has also resulted in an indefinite pause to all the sporting activities across the globe.


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