Kevin Pietersen’s unique trick Video on TikTok is doing rounds on Social Media!


The Coronavirus enforced lockdown has made people’s life difficult by restricting their movement at home & most of them find it difficult to keep themselves entertained in this stringent lockdown.  

The majority of sporting events which are the major source of entertainment have also come to standstill. But Cricketers like David Warner & Kevin Pietersen have made it a point to keep their fans entertained across the globe through their social media posts & entertaining TikTok videos. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen on Thursday posted a unique trick video on Instagram. In the video Pietersen gives the impression that his neck has detached from his body and his head is sliding down the staircase on its own, with his rest of the body part stationary at one position. “Anyone else lost their head during #lockdown?!?!” Pietersen captioned the video.

While it seems like there is no end to the havoc of the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic, Pietersen recently highlighted the positive side of COVID-19. The cricketer who turned commentator has thanked the novel coronavirus for making the rituals of “awkward greetings” like kissing on the cheek or shaking hands a thing of past.

“The one thing I’ll thank COVID for is NO MORE of those awkward greetings. One kiss on a cheek, or two, or 3, like in Europe, etc. And the handshake for NO REASON! They’re GONE!” Pietersen tweeted.

The ongoing lockdown has provided an opportunity to Pietersen to conduct many live sessions on different social media platforms & during one such live session he was asked to choose between Indian Captain Kohli & Australia’s Steve Smith by fellow commentator Pommie Mbangwa.

Pietersen without even wasting a second choose Kohli over Smith and further went on to say former Australia captain “doesn’t even come close” to the Indian superstar.

We hope that these star cricketers who also turned into TikTok stars continue to entertain us with their interesting videos during the ongoing coronavirus enforced lockdown.


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