Kohli & Ashwin are not satisfied with the Quality of SG Test Balls!

Virat Kohli

India Captain Virat Kohli on Tuesday joined teammate Ravichandran Ashwin in raising voice over the quality of SG Test balls used during the first test against England as the balls went completely soft by the 60th over with stitches coming off their seam.

“Quality of the ball (SG-Test) was also not what we were very pleased to see as that was also the case in the past. Just the ball completely being destroyed in 60 overs is not something that you experience as a Test side or any side could be prepared for,” Kohli said.

The India Captain was speaking after his team’s 227 runs defeat to England on the fifth & final day of the Opening Test in Chennai. “Having said that it’s not an excuse and England played better cricket and they deserve to win,” Kohli added.

There were also reports that the Meerut based Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) had manufactured a fresh set of balls for the Test series with enhanced seam, darker color and harder cork, but it looks like that problems that players had with the quality of the balls still remains.

On Monday Ashwin who scalped nine wickets in the match also said that they didn’t expect a torn seam with stitched being peeled off. “I have never seen an SG ball tear (get torn) through the seam like that. So it could well be combination of how hard the pitch was on the first two days, even in the second innings after the 35th-40th over, the seam was getting sort of peeled off,” he said.

Ashwin called it bizarre & just like Kohli he also hadn’t experienced anything like this before. “It was bizarre, I mean, I haven’t seen an SG ball like that in last so many years, but yeah, maybe it could be due to the pitch and the hardness of it through the Centre which is making the ball get scuffed up,” Ashwin said.

Ashwin hoped to know the reasons for this in the course of the remainder of the series. “We will have an answer for it going through the series,” said Ashwin, who had, in 2018, admitted that he felt more comfortable bowling with the Kookaburra.


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