Lockdown is a ‘Resting Period’ for Team India: Ravi Shastri!

Lockdown is a ‘Resting Period’ for Team India: Ravi Shastri!

Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak when the entire country is observing the ongoing lockdown willingly or unwillingly, India’s coach Ravi Shastri has listed the positive side of this lockdown, he said that this forced break will give rest to India Players and will help the players to boost their energy levels.

All the cricket tournaments getting to a standstill is a ‘welcome rest period’ for the entire Indian team feels the head coach Ravi Shastri. Players have spent only 10-11 days at home after leaving for the World Cup since last May. This rest is not a bad thing for the Indian team as players also require to take rest and boost their energy and you all might have noticed that at the end of New- Zealand tour some cracks have been seen in the team in terms of mental fatigue, physical fitness and injuries”, Shastri said.

According to Shastri, Players can use this resting time to boost their energy especially after the tiring New Zealand tour where India played five T20Is, three ODIs, and two tests.

“The amount of cricket which we have played in the last 10 months is commentable and has already started reducing the energy of team India. The players, me and other people form support staff has left India on May 23 for the World Cup in England since then we have not been at home for more than 10 to 11 days approximately which has exhausted the players”.

“There are most players who are the part of all three formats and you can imagine the amount of exhaustion they have gone through, especially on the field, right from T20s to Test match cricket with lost of traveling involved”, Shastri said.

After the World Cup, The Indian team traveled to West indies then after that played a home series against South Africa with a full tour of New- Zealand. “It has been tough but a welcoming rest period”, the coach said.

“We were shocked but honestly when we were on the road during the South Africa series we have anticipated this situation”, he said. “We were aware that something will happen in the future when the disease was just spreading in India. And When the second ODI series was called off we knew that a lockdown is important at this point of time”.

“I think that players already knew that this disease is coming to our country as they senses the situation in New-Zealand during the end of that tour when flights were coming through Singapore, out of Singapore. When we landed in India we thought that we came back at the right time when there were only two cases in New Zealand which have increased to 300 now”.

“As cricketers, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulder of the players, that’s why it is very clear and obvious that cricket should be the last thing on everyone’s mind now”, Shastri added.

Talking about the initiatives players are taking up, Shastri said, “Virat and a lot of other cricketers are posting certain messages on their social media handle to create awareness which is their duty as a responsible citizen of the country. They are aware that it is a very serious situation and cricket can be held for some time”.



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