Mike Hessen’s Banter with RCB Staff will leave you burst in laughter!

Mike Hessen’s Banter with RCB Staff will leave you burst in laughter!

RCB have hit the ground with virtual running with their virtual team meetings & workout sessions. As players & support staff get into training & coaching after several months of ideal time a few blips are expected. Adam Griffith, who is RCB Bowling Coach turned up for a team meeting dressed in a beachwear & cheekily reminded by Director of Cricket Mike Hessen about the dress code of meeting. Or Parthiv Patel receiving a gift from the coach. RCB shared a video on social media which showed the snippets from their team meetings & the subtle banter between their players & support staff.

When Griffith joined the video webinar Hessen quickly note that the bowling coach wasn’t dressed in his RCB polo’s. “You look ready for the beach already,” Hessen quipped. Griffith still unaware of what Hesson was hinting at, replied rather plaintively. “I was working out in my room actually.”

However the Australian star cricketer soon said, “You’re looking very official. Were we supposed to wear our shirts for this?” he enquired.

“Well you obviously read half the mail, didn’t you,” Hesson responded in his uber cool style.

“Was there a mail to it?” Griffith, who by this time had been smiling sheepishly, further asked.

“I think there was an invite from Soumya. If you do have one polo, if you can whack one on please,” Hesson reminded, like a nonplussed manager.

“Thanks, mate. Give me five minutes.” And Griffith swooped across his screen to “whack on” a polo.

A case of minor indiscipline handed very efficiently by Hessen justified RCB’s claim in the caption.

 “You know the team is in good spirits when there’s banter of this quality,” the caption of the RCB post read as.



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