Mohammad Irfan shocks Virat Kohli with his Deceptive Pace!

Mohammad Irfan shocks Virat Kohli with his Deceptive Pace!

Pakistan’s Squad has always been blessed with top quality of fast bowlers which has made the life of other batsmen difficult on Earth. Right from Imran Khan to Mohammad Abbas a clutch of Pakistan’s fast bowlers has always made scoring runs good runs a difficult task even for World’s best batsmen.

Bowlers stand out in crowd either for their guile like Wasim Akram & Mohammad Amir or due to their seamless pace like Waqar Younis & Shoaib Akhtar but rarely there is any bowler who is been talked about due to his height.

One such cricketer who has gained fame because of his height was Mohammad Irfan. The 7 feet 1 inches tall left arm pacer has played about 60 ODIS, 4 Tests & 22 T20Is for Pakistan squad but harnessing moderate success. But in the initial stage of his career Irfan became the talk of the town due to his height which has helped him to generate a lot of bounce.

Icing on the cake was the bowler’s deceptive pace which was recognized by none other than Indian Captain Virat Kohli according to the incident which was narrated by the pacer himself.

“When I toured India for the first time, the Indian players were telling me that their coaches and support staff had told them that I bowl only at 130-135 kph and not at much speed.

“Even Virat Kohli told me that the coaches next to him had said to him that I bowl at 130-135 kph only. It’s just that I am tall and will get some bounce but he will survive easily,” Irfan said during a chat with Pakistan broadcaster Sawera Pasha on her YouTube chat show ‘Cric Cast’.

Kohli expected Irfan to bowl in the speed of 130s however he was shocked to see the pacer bowling at a speed close to 150 kms per hour.

“So when he was sitting with his pads on, he saw that I delivered the first ball at 145-146 kph. So he thought there might be some issue with the speed gun. And then I bowled at 147 kph, so he told me that he asked his coach if he was telling a lie or there was some issue with the speed gun.

“Virat Kohli told this to me face to face. And when I bowled the next one at 148 kph, he told me that he abused the person next to him asking what sort of medium fast bowler I was, as I was bowling at 150 kph,” Irfan added.



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