Mohammed Kaif tells how to beat Coronavirus in Cricket logistics!

Mohammed Kaif tells how to beat Coronavirus in Cricket logistics!
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When everyone in the world is practicing social distancing and self-quarantine, Mohammed Kaif used interesting Cricket logistics to explain how we can beat Coronavirus Pandemic in an easy way.

Recently the former bowler tweeted a video on his twitter handle appealing people to practice self-quarantine and social distancing by staying at home in order to combat deadly Coronavirus-19. Kaif also supported, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move of 21 days stringent nationwide lockdown. He tweeted, “I fully support Government’s decision to observe nationwide lockdown which is imposed to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19.  “I fully support Government’s move of nationwide 21 days lockdown. Stop the virus from scoring big scores. Stay at home, be your own Captain! Spread the field and practice social distancing which is the need of the hour and don’t forget Prime Minister’s advice”, Kaif added.

Kaif used an interesting cricket logistics to explain the current situation which is existing in the country due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Kaif said in his video, “In cricket term, the only way to get COVID-19 as Coronavirus is trying to play a big shot by contacting many people you have to spread your field and send your fielders at the fence to stay safe from COVID-19.  By doing this coronavirus will be caught near the fence, said Kaif in the video.

Kaif was known for his electrified fielding when he was a part of Indian team squad, he urged people to maintain hygiene by washing hand at regular intervals and using sanitizers he also appealed people to practice social distancing as this is only the way to avoid the spread of virus and to defeat it.

Since PM’s announcement, several cricketers including Virat kohli and Off-Spinner Ashwin have requested Indian citizens to follow the lockdown and practice social distancing.

Indian Men’s Cricket Team Coach, Ravi Shastri welcomed the move wholeheartedly by calling the move as “absolute need of the hour”.

Not only Indian players but also England player Kevin Petersen tweeted a message for his Indian fans in Hindi, appealing them to follow the Government’s directives and stay indoors, stay safe!