Ms. Dhoni aimed at earning 30 lakhs from ‘Playing Cricket’ during his early days!

30 lakhs from cricket

The former Indian opener batsman Wasim Jaffer recalled old days and shared one of the best memories of MS. Dhoni, he recalled that MS.Dhoni in his early days when he just started his cricket venture with the Indian team had told Wasim Jaffer that he wanted to earn ’30 lakhs from playing cricket’ so that he can live a peaceful life in his hometown Ranchi.

Though Mahi has been away from the cricket pitch for eight months, he is one of the most popular and most liked players around the globe. When he began his career in the International cricket in December 2004 not a single person including himself would have not thought that he would become such a successful player with such a huge fan following. He has a great fan following not only in India but all around the globe.  Like small-town people with ambitions, Dhoni also had small ambitions that he wanted to fulfill in the early days of his career. Former Indian opener who used to share the dressing room with Dhoni recalled his early days and said that all he wanted at that time was to earn 30 lakhs from playing cricket so that he could spend a peaceful life in Ranchi. Jaffer recently took retirement from all forms of cricket and was interacting with his fans on Twitter.

A fan asked Wasim about his favorite memory with MS. Dhoni to which Jaffer replied, “In the 1st or 2nd year of joining Indian team, I clearly remember that Dhoni said, he wants to make 30 lakhs from playing cricket so that he can lead a peaceful & hassle-free life in his home town Ranchi”.

Talking about Dhoni’s comeback in the International Cricket, Dhoni who lastly played for India in 2019 in World Cup Semi-final was supposed to make a power-pack comeback with the IPL 2020 which was scheduled to commence from March 29th. However, the league got postponed until 15th April due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in the country resulting in a complete 21- days nationwide lockdown.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has raised a question mark on the fate of IPL 2020, which means the Dhoni’s comeback with IPL 2020 is very much uncertain. Dhoni’s fans will have to wit for some more time to watch their favorite Dhoni back in action on the cricket pitch.


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