MS.Dhoni & Ashwin are conducting online cricket coaching sessions amid lockdown!


The world has come to a standstill due to the rapid spread of deadly COVID-19. Lahiri said that there is an online app ‘Cricketer’ where MS.Dhoni and Ashwin upload the demo cricket coaching sessions in order to keep their trainees in pace with their coaching sessions.

Lahiri said, “the trainees are also required to upload their videos so that we can monitor their activities and progress easily and then we give feedback and guidance to them accordingly”.

According to a report, MS.Dhoni has a Cricket Academy where the 38-year-old is not directly involved with its proceedings but he is offering live classes on Facebook for its trainees over the past one week. Whereas Ashwin’s cricket Academy is engaging his trainees in a number of ways including live sessions with the ace off-spinner himself. These online coaching programmes are generating great interest of people due to the huge fan following which cricket has in India.

Satrajit Lahiri who is the former cricketer is the chief coach of MS.Dhoni’s academy. Lahiri said that their videos on online cricket coaching are generating a huge response and bringing almost 10,000 views across major social media platforms.

Lahiri further said that the videos which are uploaded by their academy requires batsmen to throw balls repeatedly against a wall and play with soft hands. Bowlers thereby have to perform various drills without actually throwing the ball whereby the trainers monitor the repeatability of their bowling actions and their bowling positions.

Various other platforms such as Ludimos and video calling apps such as Zoom or Google classrooms are also used by various people and coaching institutes to provide online cricket training.

Currently all major cricket tournaments including the IPL series has been postponed in the country due to the increasing spread of the COVID-19 which has taken more than 200 lives in the country and has affected almost 7000 people till date.


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