MS Dhoni is finally spotted in his wife Sakshi’s Instagram video post!


MS. Dhoni who is not active on social media since long time has recently been spotted in his wife Sakshi Instagram video post.

MS. Dhoni who maintains a low profile on social media has made an appearance on Instagram in a video shared by his wife Sakshi. In the video, Sakshi was trying to spot thunder & lightning amidst the pleasant weather it was MS. Dhoni who stole the limelight as he rode his bike & his daughter was seen sitting in front of the bike.  Sakshi posted a 10-minute long video where she is seen walking in a garden at their farmhouse enjoying pleasant weather in Ranchi. She captioned the video as “Weather”.

In the video, Sakshi is seen explaining to her daughter why she thinks it won’t rain despite heavy clouds. Sakshi reveals that when she was a small kid she was very scared of thunder & lightning. To which the talented Ziva replies, “I am not scared of lightning at all”. 

Sakshi was also active on Instagram live chat on CSK handle also spoke in length about various things related to MS. Dhoni. She also revealed how she met him for the first time & what was his first impression of the wicket-keeper batsman. She also revealed MS. Dhoni’s worst hairstyle & said that she was lucky to not met him during his long hair days. She also said that she met him back then she “wouldn’t even have looked at him”.

“Luckily I didn’t see him with long hair. Because if I had seen him with that orange-colored long hair I wouldn’t have even looked at him you know there has to be some aesthetics you know,” Sakshi said hilariously.


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