Mumbai Indians New Jersey depicts Brand’s Essence & Values! Watch Now


On Saturday, Mumbai Indians unveiled their New Jersey for the upcoming season of the IPL 2021. Mumbai Indians Jersey is designed by renowned fashion designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil. The jersey captures the composition of the 5 basic elements of the Universe i.e. earth, water, fire, air & sky each highlighting the essence of the five-time Champions.

These elements have an astronomical essence as the building blocks of the human body each signifying the power of the universe. The jersey reflects how Mumbai Indians has established themselves over the years resonating stability, cohesion, confidence, compassion & exploration as signified on the jersey by the earth, water, fire, air & sky. Each of the five values has contributed to the five titles of Mumbai Indians & Jersey highlights their significance for each campaign.

Get the First look of the Mumbai Indians Jersey!

Speaking about Jersey & its essence, Mumbai Indians spokesperson said, “Mumbai Indians has carried forward a legacy every year which is built on our core values & ideologies. Our five IPL Titles are an instance of our commitment to these values & it is extremely fulfilling that we have been able to signify it through our jersey this year”.

“It takes lots of efforts to design our jersey every year because we understand its importance as it is worn by our players & fans with a sheer sense of pride & honour. This season we decided to include the elements of our DNA on our jersey, which has helped us to become the most successful sports club in the country”, the Spokesperson added.

Talking about the design of Mumbai Indians Jersey, Nikhil Mehra the Co-founder, Maison Shantanu said, “This year our jersey inspiration is taken from the five elements building blocks of the universe. The jersey represents Earth i.e. stability, structure & balance, Water-fluidity & purity, Air- compassion, fire-confidence, power, Space- expansion & knowledge in its design value”.

Mumbai Indians have released a video on their social media handles to unveil their new jersey. Mumbai Indians will start their campaign on April 9 against RCB


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