New Zealand Cricket CEO says No Decision on T20 World Cup before July!

T20 World Cup

The deadly COVID-19 Pandemic has put the world on a standstill and has also raised a question mark on the commencement of major sporting events including the T20 World Cup. The T20 World Cup was scheduled to begin in Australia from October 18 to November 15.

The New Zealand Cricket CEO David White, on Thursday, said that it is no decision on the predicted postponement of the T20 World Cup that will be taken only before July due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. The deadly COVID-19 Pandemic has put a question mark on the commencement of the T20 World Cup. “There are contingency plans and lots of discussions going on but no decisions will be made as of now if decisions are to be made it will be only in July”, White told reporters said in a conference call.

The ICC’s Chief Executives are meeting later in the day to discuss the financial implications of the health crisis and also the contingency plan for all the ICC global events, including the T20 World Cup over a conference call.

“People will share their experiences of the current situation within the countries. The World Cups which are scheduled will be discussed and I am sure that no decisions will be made”, White said. “Cricket Australia is working closely with the Government Authorities and are planning to go ahead in October and November”.

Talking about the 2021 Women’s World Cup which is scheduled to be held in New Zealand in February, White said: “Postponement has not been discussed at all. Women’s World Cup is very important for New Zealand but….postponement has not been even on our agenda”.

“We are in a unique situation we all got to be open-minded about planning and going forward, it’s only April. We are got to work together, we have got to be flexible so we can accommodate these events smoothly”, White said.

“We were scheduled to play against Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland and then going to the West Indies but have to say that it’s highly doubtful that we are going to play these games, looking at the current COVID-19 situation”, White added.