NZ vs BAN 2022: Ajaz Patel is disappointed on his exclusion from test Series


NZ vs BAN 2022: Ajaz Patel is disappointed on his exclusion from test Series

NZ vs BAN 2022: What comes as a major shocker for cricket fans is the exclusion of gleaming spinner Ajaz Patel from England’s 13 member squad for the upcoming two-match Test series against Bangladesh. However, the exclusion from the upcoming test series hasn’t surprised the off-spinner instead he is disappointed with the selectors’ decision & has communicated the same to Head Coach Gary Stead.

Gary Stead said that he felt bad for Patel for not making it to the 13 member squad but he justified management’s decision of excluding the off-spinner who became the third bowler to scalp 10 wickets in an innings of a test match by stating that the decision was taken by applying ‘horses-for-courses selection policy’. Considering this policy a green signal was given to spin all-rounder Rachin Ravindra who is the lone spin option for the Bangladesh Tests.

“It was more just expressing my disappointment because I think you still have to express yourself, and still be able to show that you’re passionate about playing Test cricket for New Zealand at home. There’s a good relationship there with Gary, as well, we had some honest conversations, sometimes they’re not the most pleasing, but at the same time, we can be upfront with each other and know where we stand,” said Ajaz Patel, who understood the reason for not making the team.

“Right now, we’ve got one of the best crops of fast bowlers that we’ve ever had in New Zealand. I guess it’s just part and parcel of the era of cricket that I’m in right now. It’s a great thing for New Zealand Cricket to have that conundrum. Before the 10-wicket haul, we’ve had the same conversation and it’s gone the same way. So it’s not been much different. At the same time, I do understand the reasons why they have gone the other way.
“But for me, it is still working towards that and trying to create that change. That’s kind of somewhat been what my career’s been all about – every time I’ve faced a setback or a disappointment I guess the hunger grows and the fire in the belly gets bigger. So for me, it’s really about just going back and knuckling down and improving my game, and all facets of my game,” he added.
Ajaz Patel also said that he would not give up & will continue with his fight to make spin a big presence in test cricket in New Zealand cricket.
“One of my things about being a spinner in New Zealand is to inspire another generation to take up the art. I’m still going to fight the fight to make sure spin bowling becomes part of the big picture in New Zealand cricket”.
“I think my job as a spinner is showing the groundsmen that there’s something that is possible, and then it’s up to the groundsmen to turn and around and go, ‘Well, actually, we want to see some spin bowling in New Zealand’. It’s trying to drive that change. At the same time, we realize that in our home conditions, it can be difficult to do that”, Patel added in his statement.
“In domestic cricket, I think there’s space for groundsmen to experiment a bit. And I think it only helps us grow as players as well – one, from a bowling aspect, understanding how to bowl on those surfaces, but also from a batting perspective, learning how to cope with conditions that are different,” Ajaz Patel concluded his statement.
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