Oct-Nov Window could belong to IPL & not ICC T20 World Cup, said Anshuman Gaekwad!

Anshuman Gaekwad

Cricket board Apex Council member Anshuman Gaekwad said that there are doubts, whether the T20 World Cup will be held this year & believes that the October-November window could be for the IPL.

BCCI top council member Anshuman Gaekwad on Wednesday said that there is a possibility that this year T20 World Cup would not go ahead as space would be utilized for the currently suspended IPL looking at the COVID-19 situation in India. The former India coach said cricketers will have to be mentally prepared to deal with all the uncertainty & havoc that the Pandemic has caused. “I have my doubts that T20 WC will be held this year. About IPL, we cannot think of IPL just now. It will depend on Indian conditions and the window is only during this T20 WC which is October-November,” Gaekwad told to media.

“If the World Cup gets canceled or postponed then only IPL can take place but that also depending on what are the conditions in India”, Gaekwad said. He feels that there would be a new life a completely new world after the virus is over & players have to be mentally strong to adapt these changes.

This deadly virus has affected about 50 lakh people across the world & about 3.25 lakh people have died.  In India, about one lakh and as many as 3,303 people have died from the deadly disease.

Cricket would entirely be a new game, the approach for the game would be different. There will be no crowd in the stadiums. Cricketers are not used to playing in an empty stadium without spectators & this would be a challenge for most of them. “It will be a very difficult aspect of playing new kind of cricket, “Gaekwad said

He also said that the cricket would resume after at least four months. It may take another two months or four months or more for the game to resume. It is not a theory which you can read & write you actually have to perform in the game & its actually not an easy task”, Gaekwad said. “If you are not mentally strong, it will not be easy,” added Gaekwad.

Talking about his cricket career, Gaekwad was a former Indian player who has played 40 Tests and 15 ODIs for India.


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