Ricky Pointing to me was ‘magic’ says Rohit Sharma on his favorite Coach!

Ricky Pointing

Recently India’s senior opening batsman Rohit Sharma was on a live Instagram chat with cricketer Kevin Peterson and discussed majorly Ricky pointing & praised him by saying that ‘he was magic to me!’

In live Instagram chat with Kevin Peterson, Rohit Sharma discussed the bond he shared with Pointing and how the former Australian Captain has guided him in his journey when Rohit Sharma was made the captain of Mumbai Indians team. Mumbai Indians Official handle has shared a clip of live chat on Instagram on Monday, where Peterson was asking a question to Rohit Sharma, “Who has been your favorite coach throughout the years in our whole career?” to which Rohit responded that it’s difficult to take any particular name by saying that, “Every coach has taught me something or the other in the entire career”.

Talking about Ricky Pointing Rohit said, “Ricky Pointing to me was magic”, and he further goes on and on in Pointing’s praise. “ The way Pointing has handled the captaincy of Mumbai Indians team for the first half of the tournament and then he handed over the captaincy to me in the middle of the tournament is a sign of leadership in itself, it takes great guts to do that”, he explained. “Only Ricky Pointing can do that, he is remarkable in every sense”, Rohit added.

“Even after that, he was involved throughout the tournament as support staff. He played a supporting role for every player of the Mumbai Indians team, he was a support system and guiding head to all the youngsters of the team and he also backed and guided me throughout the captaincy. I goa a golden chance to learn a lot from Pointing”, Rohit said. Rohit further praised Ricky Pointing by saying that “he was altogether a different ball game for me”.

Rohit Sharma took the leadership of Mumbai Indians team from Ricky Pointing in the year 2013 and since then he is leading the team and has led the team to win four Indian Premier League (IPL) titles as well as two Champions League T20 titles, thereby making Mumbai Indians the most successful team in the glitzy IPL league.


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