Rohit Sharma came hard at those criticizing the Test Pitches in India, Watch!

Test Pitches

Rohit Sharma, India’s star player ahead of the day & night test against England came hard at those who are criticizing the Test pitches in India saying that the pitches in India are prepared in the same manner for many years now & he doesn’t think that there is a need to bring any change in their approach.

The Indian Opener batsman who scored spectacular century on a challenging Chennai pitch in the second test match against England said that India is completely within their rights to make most of the home advantages & prepare pitches which suits their strengths.

“Pitch remains same for both teams, I don’t know why this discussion happens so much. Pitches in India are being prepared in the same manner for many years now. I don’t think there have been any changes in that regard or there should be any changes,” Rohit said in a video tweeted by the BCCI.

Watch the Video here:

Source: Twitter @BCCI

Many former cricketers including Michael Vaughan & mark Waugh had criticized the Chepauk pitch for the 2nd Test Match describing it as not good for five day cricket match. Expressing his opinion on this discussion, Rohit said that every team in the world makes most of their home conditions by preparing pitches according to their style of play & there shouldn’t be any debate if the Indian team does the same.

“Every team makes full use of their home advantage. When we go out, the same happens there as well, they don’t think about us. So, why should we think about anyone? What we like and what is our team’s preference, we should do that… this is what home or away advantage is all about. Otherwise, take out the home and away advantage away and play cricket without it. Tell ICC to make a rule, setting identical norms for pitches in India and outside,” he added.

He further added that he didn’t understand why there is so much debate about the pitches in India when other countries also do the same & make “life difficult” whenever Indian team travel overseas. The right handed opener batsman also said that instead of talking about the pitches its better if the discussions revolve around the player’s performances.

“But when we travel overseas, they also make life difficult for us. So, I don’t think we should discuss much about the pitches and instead talk about the game and players. Discussion about how a player is batting or how a bowler is bowling are completely fine but not pitches because conditions remain same for both teams and whoever plays the best will win,” he concluded.


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