“Rohit Sharma is back to Fitness is the best news for Indian Cricket”, says Sunil Gavaskar!


Sunil Gavaskar said that there should be no questions over Rohit sharma’s fitness as the cricketer has cleared the air about his fitness by saying that he is fit & doing well.

Former Indian Captain Sunil Gavaskar is delighted to see a “fit again” Rohit Sharma back in action which he feels is the “best news for Indian cricket” ahead of the crucial India tour of Australia. Rohit who has sustained a hamstring injury during an IPL match against KXIP was back on field in a clash against SRH on Tuesday. “Whatever has transpired earlier with regards to his (Rohit) injury, keeping that aside, I would say it’s a great news for Indian cricket that Rohit Sharma is fit,” Gavaskar told YouTube channel Sports Tak.

Gavaskar however said that the concerns raised by head coach Ravi Shastri & BCCI president Sourav Ganguly while appealing that the senior player should not rush his comeback are also “valid”. “Look, the concern shown by everyone collectively that there could be a rupture (if he hurries his return) is a valid one. But he looked confident. He fielded at the boundary ropes and also in the 30-yard circle,” Gavaskar said.

Gavasker said that if the BCCI wants to put Rohit Sharma through another fitness test is nothing wrong. “He played the match to show that he is fit but if BCCI wants to test his fitness again, then there is nothing wrong in it. Because they want to check if he is fully fit or not,” Gavaskar said.

“Maybe he will be monitored. Normally, when you come back from injury, you need to play a few matches as match fitness determines your fitness status”, Gavaskar said.

“Irrespective of how much you look fit in the nets, you are not stressed but when you have the pressure of a match that gives an idea of how fit you are,” Gavaskar added. However clearly said that he didn’t want to be drawn into questions on whether Rohit will get his vice-captaincy back in case he makes it to the side.

“Captain, vice-captain shouldn’t be an issue at all. The moot point is the player should be available to play and he is available,” Gavaskar said. “Twice Rohit was asked before and after the match and he said that he is fit and doing well. He seemed confident.So actually, there is no point going into the details of what happened earlier. Let’s talk about today and today he is fit,” he added.