Rohit Sharma & Yuvraj Singh had a frenzy conversation On Instagram live session!

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh had a frenzy live chat on Instagram. Both the cricketers are a part of Mumbai Indians Franchise in the IPL league.

Both the cricketers On Tuesday had a fun-filled live chat on Instagram where the duo discussed various topics. During the conversation, Rohit Sharma also revealed that when he started his career in the Indian cricket team Yuvraj Singh was his cricket crush and he always wanted to play and get trained like him. “When I came into the team my cricket crush and inspiration was Yuvraj Singh and I always wanted to talk to Yuvraj Singh. I always wanted to see how he prepares and what he does, how he plays”, Rohit Sharma said.

Rohit Sharma then asked an interesting question to Yuvraj Singh that according to him what is the difference between the current Team India and the players who used to play along with the left-handed batsman in initial days of his international cricket career.

“When I came into the team or when you (Rohit) came into the team our seniors were very disciplined as there was no social media so there were no distractions for the players”, Yuvraj replied.

“There was a certain set pattern of behavior that we boys had to carry, how they talk to people, how they talk to media. Because they were the ambassadors of the game and the face of team India”, the former all-rounder cricketer added.

Commenting about the famous incident which involved Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul who was suspended from the team due to their loose talk on women on a leading chat show. Yuvraj said, “Such kind of incidents could not have happened in our time”.

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and the players are now using social media to connect with each other and with their fans. On 26th March, Rohit also interacted with the former England batsman Kevin Pietersen.


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