Sachin Tendulkar discussed the ‘Mental Aspect of Lockdown’ with PM Modi!

Sachin Tendulkar

On Friday, PM Narendra Modi conducted video conferencing with sportspeople to discuss various aspects of lockdown and its effects on the citizens of the country. During the conferencing Sachin Tendulkar said that managing the period after the lockdown gets over would be very crucial to see how India fares in the battle against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tendulkar was among the 40 elite sportspeople to attend the video conferencing with Prime Minister Modi. PM discussed the current situation in the country and how to deal with the number of positive cases. “PM Modi highlighted and gave affirmation to my belief that we should not let our awareness go own after the lockdown gets over on 14th April and how we will manage the situation after 14th April is very critical for us”. Tendulkar said in a statement after the interaction with PM.

“I am suggesting everyone that uses the desi medium of greeting each other that is folding hands and saying Namaste instead of shaking hands even after the Pandemic is over”, Sachin Tendulkar said.

Modi highlighted the need of taking care of older people, he said, “Taking care of our elders who are more vulnerable to this disease is very important and its also the time to hear the stories, experiences and share some good time with our elders”.

The mental aspect of the lockdown was also discussed in the conference call, “Mental fitness is important just like physical fitness during these tough times and I shared what I am doing to keep myself fit at home”.

“This is the time when our nation should come together and keep each other motivated. Just how team spirit helps us to win games in sports our nation should work in a team to overcome this Pandemic”, Sachin Tendulkar concluded.

Earlier on Friday, PM Modi addressed the nation through media channels and urged to do a small exercise of switching off the lights of our houses and lighting a diya or candle or torch in the balcony or doors of our houses to show that we all are together in this lockdown against COVID-19


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