‘Self- Quarantine’ mode is on for the South African team!


Coronavirus has resulted in the world to come to a standstill. Not only social life but also the sports sector have been adversely affected by the novel COVID-19 pandemic. India vs South Africa ODI series has also been suspended due to novel Coronavirus threat. And as per the reports due to an increasing number of Coronavirus cases in India, South Africa’s chief medical officer has asked The South African team to self-quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days after returning from India due to coronavirus threat.

South Africa vs. India, ODI series which commenced in Dharamsala from 12th March has been called off due to Coronavirus threat. As a safety measure, Cricket South Africa’s medical officer Dr. Shuaib Manjra said that the South African players have to self-isolate themselves for a period of 14 days and if any symptoms of COVID-19 is indicated then they will be tested for the same.

In an interview, South Africa’s chief medical officer said, “The players are advised to distance themselves from other people for a period of 14 days so that they can safeguard themselves, their families and the people around them from novel COVID-19”. If in this duration any of the players show up symptoms of novel COVID-19 than we will conduct appropriate tests and manage the situation according to the standard protocols that exist”.

“During traveling back home some of the Africa players wore masks while some didn’t which was absolutely an individual’s choice. Appropriate safety measures were taken into account to ensure player’s safety by isolating the players during travel and well-tested sanitizers were provided to them so that they can sanitize themselves on regular intervals”, said Manjra. Further, he added, “We are taking into account the recommendations issued by the World Health Organisation and other authoritative bodies for the safety of different countries. We have educated players about what coronavirus is, what it means, what are its symptoms so that they can take effective preventive measures and protect themselves from COVID-19.  We have well educated and guided them on how to measure our body temperature and other symptoms of COVID-19. Our medical experts will be available for south Africa team even after the tour gets end”.

It’s very important to take up preventive measures to protect ourselves from Novel COVID-19. Let’s face this deadly virus together and get rid of it as soon as possible!


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