Shoaib Akhtar’s shocking comments on Sledging Incident during India vs Pakistan Test Series!


Sledging has always remained a part of cricket which is often visible in India-Pakistan face offs. India-Pakistan matches is incomplete without sledging incidents between players on & off field.

Few years ago, Virender Sehwag narrated about this incident on television which happened between him, Shoaib Akhtar & Sachin Tendulkar even though its credibility is still in doubt over the years.

According to Sehwag his exact words to Akhtar were, “I was batting close to 200 vs Pakistan. Shoaib was bowling plenty of bouncers and taunting me to hit a hook shot. When I realized that he is going to continue this, I pointed to Sachin Tendulkar at the other end and said ‘That’s your father standing there, bowl to him, he will hit you’ (Woh toh tera baap khada hai, usko daal woh maarega). Shoaib did just that and Sachin dispatched him into the stands. That’s when I told him ‘Beta beta hota hai, baap baap hota hai’ (Son cannot dominate the father).”

Shoaib Akhtar has finally spoke about the entire incident whether it happened or not while speaking in a chat show called Extra Innings on ARYNews, Akhtar said that Sehwag never said anything like that to him during a match & whatever the former Indian batsman said was just sarcasm. He further said that if Sehwag would have said such thing to him he would not have let Sehwag escape the situation & would have beaten the former Indian Batsman at least twice.

“Never, there was no such thing said to me. Would he survive after saying something like that to me? Would I leave him? I would beat him up at the ground and then at the hotel,” Akhtar replied on being asked whether the incident ever took place.

To argue with Akhtar who is fondly called as the ‘Rawalpindi Express’ is next to impossible. The only one time when Sehwag came close to 200 score was during the India Pakistan Test Match in Multan in which Tendulkar scored a whopping 195 runs but this knock did not included a single six. After his Multan stint the next time Sehwag scored 254 runs was two years later in an Innings against Pakistan but in that innings, Tendulkar did not get a chance to bat. In 2007, Sehwag scored another double century against Pakistan, but again, Shoaib wasn’t part of the match. So it’s hard to say whether such sledging incident occurred in past or not.