South Africa tops Group B after washout at Sydney


The match between South Africa and West Indies took an interesting turn when Sydney Showdown Stadium was washed out due to sudden showers in the city. South Africa and West Indies both the teams got one-one point landing South-Africa at the top position in Group B.

Drizzle was started when earlier in the day, Thailand Vs. Pakistan was played which resulted in Thailand’s history win over Pakistan. The showers continued until 20.49 when the game was eventually called off about 50 minutes before the cut-off time for a 10 over contest. This resulted in both South-Africa and West Indies taking one point each thereby moving Africa women to the top of the score table with the point gained. This means South-Africa will now play the Semi-finals match with Australia in Group B Match thereby leaving Group A toppers India and England to battle it out in the semifinals for a second T20 World Cup running. The no-result also meant that the 2016 champions, West Indies, ended the tournament with a solitary win over Thailand.

Both semifinals will be played on March 5 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. There are no reserve days scheduled for the semis and in case of similar no shows, group toppers viz. India and South Africa will progress to the final to be played on March 8 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Let’s see whether drizzles will continue to decide the destiny of the Semi-final matches to be held on March 5th 2020.


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