Steve Smith admires Virat Kohli & said “Simply Phenomenal!”


At every moment debate prevails about who is better than whom but this doesn’t mean that Virat & Steve have lost respect for each other.

Virat Kohli & Steve Smith are undoubtedly two of the best batsmen of the International cricket & on various occasions they have been pitted against each other by the fans. The debate about who is better & it will take some time to get this debate get settled there is no debate that the duo have immense respect for each other. Virat Kohli has spoken about his admiration & respect for Steve Smith even gesturing his fans not to bully Smith after the Australian had returned from his ban.  Smith has also spoken highly about the ‘Indian Captain’ & called him “Simply Phenomenal”.

“Look I admire Virat a lot. He is an amazing player. You look at his record now, simply incredible. He’s done so much for Indian cricket as well. The way they play the game now, the sheer passion he has got for Indian cricket,” Steve Smith said during his interaction with a leading sports portal.

“His willingness to improve and get better. You can see his body has sort of transformed over time. He is so fit and strong now and powerful. I can’t say a bad word about him, he is pretty amazing for cricket.” Smith is ahead of Kohli in batting scores in test cricket, the Indian skipper is above the rest in ODI & the Australian acknowledged that fact.

“The one thing I admire the most about him is in white-ball, the way he chases. You look at his average in winning chases in ODIs and it’s simply phenomenal. So good under pressure, calm and just gets the job done more often than not. You have got to admire someone like that”, Smith quoted by praising Kohli.

An epic battle is on board between India & Australia when they play a four match test series, three match ODI series & a three match T20I series.


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