Steve Smith practicing with Isolation batting amid the lockdown!

Steve Smith practicing with Isolation batting amid the lockdown!

Everyone nowadays is figuring out different ways to spend their time at home amid the COVID-19 Lockdown, joining the list of cricketers who are trying something new to spend their time at home is Steve Smith who is practicing isolation batting at home to improve his hand-eye coordination.

Steve Smith on Wednesday took to Instagram on Wednesday to share his video of doing isolation batting in the ongoing lockdown. People are now locked up at their homes but it didn’t stop the spirit of former Australian Captain Steve Smith who is utilizing this time to improve his hand-eye coordination. In the video, Steve Smith can be seen continuously hitting the tennis ball against the wall. “Just a little bit of #Isobatting to keep up my hand-eye co-ordination #cricketdrill #StayHome #StayActive”, Steve Smith captioned the video he shared on Instagram account.

Steve Smith just like other athletes is spending time at home as the COVID-19 gets worsened all across the globe. Cricketers and other sports athletes are using Social Media as a medium to interact with their fans during the ongoing health crisis. Steve Smith has willingly accepted this lockdown break but remained hopeful about going back to the cricket pitch.

“It has been a pretty long year with the World Cup and the Ashes Tournament a few hectic one day tours so this rest period is not the worst thing but hopefully it lasts only for few weeks. I am eager to get back to the pitch to play cricket”, Smith told in a podcast organized by the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals.

One of the world’s number one test match batsman, Smith named Ravindra Jadeja as the toughest bowler he has faced in the subcontinent. “Jadeja in the sub-continent is very good, he hits that good length and one ball skids and one spins and it all looks some out of the hand. I think the consistency in length is the key and then having at least one variation”, he said.


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