Sydney will host the Boxing Day Test as Coronavirus Cases is at Peak in Melbourne!


Sydney is the only city which have the lowest number of coronavirus cases making it the alternate host for the Boxing Day test between India & Australia.

Sydney is getting its pitch ready to host the cash rich Boxing Day Test against India as original host Melbourne continues to fight the rise in coronavirus cases. The fate of the marquee fixture is uncertain with no live sport currently in Melbourne as it struggles with hundreds of new daily infections as compared to Sydney which witnesses only a handful cases.

Reports have suggested that Adelaide is the first preference to host the December Test Match which is scheduled to commence from 26-30 December if corona cases continues to rise in Melbourne but Sydney Cricket Ground Trust Chairman Tony Shepherd said they too were keen.

“We’d be very happy to host it because it’s a major event and it’s good for Sydney, and people like coming to Sydney, and we have the capacity to host it if that’s what Cricket Australia want to do,” Tony Shepherd told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Shepherd further said that the Indian Community living in Sydney will get an extra opportunity to see their national team play live in front of them. “They would love both events, a double-header would be fabulous,” he said.

According to the Herald Cricket Australia will held a meeting in the coming week to discuss this issue. Other possibilities also suggest that Adelaide & Perth which have largely escaped the coronavirus and have hotels adjacent to their grounds, acting as hubs and hosting multiple Tests.

Currently India vs Australia test matches will commence in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney from early December, with Perth hosting Afghanistan. The upcoming test match is very crucial for the financial health of Cricket Australia which suffered huge loss due to the coronavirus pandemic with it hosting of the Twenty20 World Cup this year also got postponed until 2022.


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