Team Abu Dhabi’s Rohan Mustafa Apologizes for On-field Conduct against Northern Warriors!

Team Abu Dhabi

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rohan Mustafa issued an apology for his on-field conduct during the match against Northern Warriors in the Abu Dhabi T10 on Monday.

Mustafa was shown on the camera apparently switching his jerseys on the field of play. “I apologize to my teammates and to all involved in the Abu Dhabi T10 for my conduct during this game. I was preparing myself to bowl, and whilst attempting to remove my jumper in preparation for my over, I mistakenly removed my playing shirt also,” Mustafa said in a statement.

“I acknowledge this was a poor time to rearrange any item of clothing and not in keeping with the high standards of the tournament organization. I have apologized to both team management and the organizers,” he added.

Mustafa was not fined & is completely eligible to play the remaining matches of the Abu Dhabi T10 Tournament.


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