Tendulkar often played ‘cat-mouse’ game with Shane Warne says, Brett Lee

Tendulkar often played ‘cat-mouse’ game with Shane Warne says, Brett Lee

Brett Lee recollected how Sachin Tendulkar used to tackle Shane Warne outstanding bowling leaving the leg-spinner quite annoyed.

Former Australia pacer Brett Lee revealed how Sachin Tendulkar would get more runs from the legendary spinner Shane Warne bowling despite the bowler’s best attempts to send him off the pitch. Brett Lee said that Tendulkar would sometimes play like “cat and mouse” with Shane Warne and that not a lot of batsmen could do with the leg-spinner Shane Warne. The former fast bowler, who played in 76 test matches and 221 ODIs for Australia. Tendulkar can handle all variations of Shane Warne who have left most batsmen bamboozled,said Lee.

“He used to advance down the wicket a few times and invited Warne to bowl a fraction too short. Sometimes he would wait patiently on the back foot and play those beautiful shots”, Brett Lee said to a media website.

Brett Lee went on to praise the legendary batsman. “The way Sachin used to read the bowler’s mind through their hands and he used different techniques to play different balls was pure class”, he said.

“There was also a time when Warne used to get the trajectory a bit different through the air and sometimes he would try and get a few balls to drop. Every time he would try these subtle variations there was only Sachin who would easily pick them up”, Lee added.

“Warner used to puzzle other batsmen around the word but Tendulkar would watch his hands much better than most of the other batsmen”, he said. This had annoyed Warne to a great extent. “Warne hated it, he would come back and say that he tried everything to get Sachin out but he couldn’t do so”.

Brett Lee also shared his experience about how he felt when he faced Tendulkar for the first time in a test match. “I was just 22 years old when I got the first opportunity to play against the Little Master Blaster”, he said.

“I nicked him off and I thought I am done. I didn’t care about the Test match since I was so happy to get Sachin Tendulkar out”, Brett lee revealed.

Sachin Tendulkar holds an impressive run record against Australia. In 39 Test matches, he scored 3630 runs against Australia while he amassed 3077 runs in 71 ODIs against the team from down under.

The way Master Blaster had played on Shane Warne’s bowl is remarkable and proves that he is truly the World’s best batsmen till date!



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