The Asia Cup 2021 gets postponed to 2023 due to ‘hectic’ Schedule


The Asia Cup 2021 gets postponed to 2023 due to a lack of window in a rigid cricket calendar that is subjected to constant change amid an evolving COVID-19 situation.

Asia Cup 2021 was moved from Pakistan to Sri Lanka due to rising cases in Pakistan. However, the rapid surge in the COVID-19 cases in Sri Lanka had led to its cancellation. All the four Asian Countries have hectic schedules until the end of this year which makes it extremely difficult for any nation to organize the Asian tournament this year. The Asian Cricket Council has also issued a statement stating the same.

“The Board has accordingly considered the matter very carefully and determined that the only way ahead would be to postpone the event. It would therefore only be feasible for this edition of the tournament to be held in 2023 as there is already an Asia Cup in 2022. Dates for the same will be confirmed in due course,” the ACC said in the statement.

There has been no Asia Cup since the year 2018 with the tournament planned for 2020 getting postponed due to the rapid surge in COVID-19 cases. India has won the last two editions of the tournament.

“The ACC Executive Board, in face of the risks and restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, had made the difficult decision to postpone the Asia Cup 2020 to 2021. Since then, the ACC has been working with its participants and stakeholders to try and ensure that the event is held in the year”, the ACC added in its statement

“However, on account of a packed FTP, it has been concluded that there is no practical window in the year when all the teams would be available to participate,” ACC concluded. Asia Cup is always held every two years but COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in the suspension of the Asian Cup for the last two years.

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