The BCCI ensures the Overseas Players a Smooth Return to their Countries after the end of the IPL 2021!

Hemang Amin

IPL COO has ensured the safe return of the overseas players to their respective countries at the end of the IPL 2021!

The second wave of COVID-19 has made the situation worse across India. With worsening conditions, there have been reports of Overseas Players being worried about the situation. And how they will return back to their respective countries after the end of the IPL 2021. But to give the players some sign of relief, IPL COO Hemang Amin has assured all the players & support staff that the BCCI will ensure a smooth return to their respective countries at the end of the IPL 2021.

“IPL 2021 will not be over until the players reach their home safely,” ensures Hemang Amin!

In a letter to Players & Support Staff, Hemang addressed the concerns of the cricketers. He further assured them that the Tournament isn’t over for the BCCI until each player reaches their country safely. “We understand that many of you are worried about how you will get back home once the tournament ends, which is obvious & understandable. We want to assure you that you have nothing to worry about. The BCCI will do everything to ensure that you reach your respective countries seamlessly. The BCCI is monitoring the situation & working with the government to make arrangements to send you home once the tournament concludes. Be assured that the tournament is not over for the BCCI until each one of you has reached your home safely”, Hemang wrote.

He also emphasized that the bio-bubble will be further strengthened considering the current COVID-19 Situation. “In order to rule out any apprehensions & concerns, we are further strengthening our bio-secure bubbles to keep everyone involved in the tournament safely & healthily. We have increased testing in our bio-bubble to become extra vigilant. Instead of a regular test every five days we now conduct a test every two days.

Hemang Amin also ensures ‘Strengthening of Bio-Bubbles’ for the utmost safety of the players & support staff

He also highlighted the point that previously permitted facility of food deliveries from outside the hotels have been withdrawn. “We have increased our level of caution to strengthen our bio-bubbles. I am sure you all will understand & co-operate with us. The health & safety of our players, support staff, management & everyone involved in the IPL is of utmost importance for us. And we will leave no stone unturned in that endeavor”, COO Hemang explained.

Hemang also thanked the players for the service they are doing by bringing smiles to the faces of cricket fans in this difficult situation. He said that that the job which cricketers are doing by distracting people from these trying times even for a short duration is great in terms of humanity.

Hemang Amin concluded his statement by extending gratitude to Health & Frontline Workers!

He summed up his statement by thanking the health & frontline workers. “I extend my gratitude to all the health & frontline workers. As I conclude, I would remind you of your important defense. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing & maintain good hand hygiene. With that, I wish you a happy, healthy & safe IPL 2021. Remember that we are all together & united”, Hemang signed off.


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