Tim Seifert opens up on his battle with COVID-19 & his Stint in India

Tim Seifert opens up on his battle with COVID-19 & his stint in India

New Zealand wicket-keeper batsman Tim Seifert on Tuesday opened up on his battle with COVID-19 & how his stint in India was.

After the postponement of the IPL 2021 due to rising COVID-19 cases among the players & support staff, Tim Seifert tested positive for COVID-19 in India. And thus he was not able to travel back home along with his other teammates.

First KKR’s Varun Chakravarthy & Sandeep Warrier tested positive for COVID-19 & then Seifert & Prasidh Krishna returned with positive COVID-19 reports. Speaking about the same, Tim Seifert said, “I had a tiny cough, at the time I thought it was just a bit of asthma. My heart sank straight away, really. I just went up to my room while everything kind of sorted out. The World kind of stops a little bit. I just couldn’t really think what was next. And that was a scary part of it” stuff.co.nz quoted Seifert as saying.

“When you hear about the bad things & you think that was going to happen with you. The same thing happened to me, I started thinking that all the bad things will happen to me. The news about lack of oxygen & I was feeling that I might end up in that situation”, Seifert added.

Last week, Tim Seifert tested negative for COVID-19 & thus he went back to New Zealand. Currently he is serving the mandatory 14 days quarantine period in Auckland.

Discussing his current mental state, Seifert said, “Once a few days had gone by, everything had kind of calmed down a little bit. The New Zealand boys had gone, then I just knew it was a time of getting through it. Looking at the positives- getting married in two months, that’s so exciting & I think my fiancée is happy that I am back a little early so that I can help her in the planning of our marriage”.

Tim Seifert is now in good condition & has successfully recovered from COVID-19 which was one of the toughest phase of his life.


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