Virat Kohli condemns the cruel act of killing a Pregnant Elephant in Kerala!


Kohli took to Instagram to raise a voice against the cruel killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala. The elephant died after eating a pineapple which was filled with crackers. The incident has resulted in outrage in the country with thousands of people calling for action against the culprits. On Twitter, several people shared sketches & illustrations to apologize for the inhuman act of animal cruelty. Virat Kohli too took to social media to speak out & condemn against this horrific act.

The Indian team Captain shared a sketch of an elephant with a baby in her womb both having halos in their heads. “Appalled to hear about what happened in Kerala. Let’s treat our animals with love and bring an end to these cowardly acts,” Kohli captioned the image.

His wife Anushka Sharma also expressed her anger at the cruel incident. “We all would urge @cmokerala to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice for this heinous crime,” she had written on Instagram, sharing yet another heart-breaking sketch”.

Other cricketers such as Rishabh Pant & Suresh Raina also took to social media to protest against the killing of the pregnant elephant.

Another shameful act of Human Cruelty. It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.
Severe action must be taken against the culprit by @CMOKerala who fed the cracker filled pineapple to the innocent. We believed you, You betrayed us #RIPHumanity #AllLivesMatter, Suresh Raina tweeted on his twitter handle.

While Rishabh Pant also took to his Twitter handle & expressed his anger towards the horrific act, “ Heartbroken, speechless, angry & shocked to read the news about the pregnant elephant in Kerala. How can anyone be so cruel? Hope the guilty are punished severely”, Rishabh tweeted.

The wild elephant left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district & was wandering in a nearby village in search of food where she happened to eat the pineapple. The fruit exploded in her mouth & left her in immense unbearable pain as she walked around the village for days unable to eat anything because of her injuries. She died standing in a river due to immense pain.


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