Waqar Younis Quits Social Media After a Hacker hacks his Twitter Account!


Former Pakistan Captain Waqar Younis decided to quit social media after his account was hacked by a hacker & he liked an obscene video from his Twitter account.

Waqar Younis on Friday posted a video in which the fast bowler announced that he will not use his social media anymore. Waqar Younis in the video said that someone hacked his social media account & liked an obscene video that has a bad effect on him & his family. The former fast bowler also said that this is not the first time that this hacker has done such things from his account. “Today I have to say with deep regret that when I woke up this morning, someone hacked my Twitter and liked an obscene video from my account,” Waqar said.

Waqar’s comments came after his name was trending on Twitter as fans started criticizing the former Pakistan Cricketer after an obscene video was liked from his Twitter account. Waqar sadly said that his outlook towards social media has changed after this unlawful incident occurred.

“It is a shameful, regretful, and painful thing for me and for my family. I used to think that social media is a platform to interact with your loved ones and people but unfortunately this is not the first time this man has done it (hacked my account) and it looks like he won’t stop so I have decided to distance myself from social media from today onward”, he said sadly.

The 48-year-old cricketer apologized to his fans & said that from now on-wards he will not use social media again. “For me, my family is more important and you will not see on social media after today. I’m sorry if anyone is hurt by this,” Waqar concluded.

Let’s hope that the culprit hacker get caught & Waqar Younis returns to social media to entertain his fans.


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