“We will definitely win this battle against COVID-19”: Kapil Dev!

"We will win this battle against COVID-19": Kapil Dev

Former Indian Team Captain Kapil Dev has tried to showcase the positive side of lockdown by appealing the citizens of India to ‘Stay indoors, Stay Safe”. He advised people with confidence that, “We will definitely win this battle against COVID-19” if we stay at home and spent time with our family inside of going out in order to fight with Coronavirus.

According to Kapil Dev, staying indoors during lockdown has become “the lifeline for mankind” during the Coronavirus Pandemic. According to Kapil Dev, people should stay at home during this lockdown period in order to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, as staying at home is the only thing which people can do in order to combat the novel COVID-19 Pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives across the world.

Kapil Dev said, “You should stay at home, as it is the last thing a person can do to help the Government and relevant authorities to fight this life-threatening virus which claimed thousands of lives around the globe”.

“You should take this lockdown in a positive way and accept this situation as a challenge. You have the complete world inside your home- your family which is enough for you to stay indoors during these lockdown days. You also have different things to keep yourself entertained such as TV, books, music, the Internet, Mobile Phones and the best thing is the time you got to interact with your family members. So interact and spend some valuable time with your family members by staying indoors as this is the need of the hour”.

Talking about how is spend his day at home during this stringent lockdown, Kapil Dev shared that he has taken up various tasks to do at home in order to keep himself fresh and focused.  The all-rounder said,   “I sweep my house, cleans the garden. My little beautiful garden has also turned into my golf course also. The best thing is that I am getting ample time to spend with my family which is the best thing which I had missed in the last so many years “.

“I also gave a holiday to my cook and I am cooking food for everyone at home. T also wash dishes turn by turn to share the load of my wife. I had learned all these chores when I was playing for team India in England when Romi (his wife) would join me”.

The 61-year-old former all-rounder cricketer said that in these tough times which we all are going through which will make us more responsible towards our health. “people will remember the lessons in hygiene, they will learn to wash their hands frequently, not to spit and urinate in public. We have to keep our surroundings clean to keep ourselves healthy”.

“I wish that we would have learned these lessons earlier but I hope that this generation will not repeat these mistakes again. I was very fortunate to pick lessons on hygiene and cleanliness from my seniors in cricket and I am very thankful to them”, he added.

The 1983 World-Cup Winning Indian Captain strongly believes that India will surely come out of these tough times very soon and India will win the battle against Coronavirus by staying together and staying at home.

He quoted, “I always believe in looking at the positive side of any situation, In cricket, we often get out on zero after scoring a century in the previous innings. You end up wicket less after giving your best performance in the previous innings. It’s a very unpredictable game which thought us accepting every situation of life with a positive spirit”.

“I have read and heard about how human beings have fought various crises strongly and set examples for the world. India’s major strength is its culture i.e looking after each other and caring for elders. Now also we have to look forward to helping elders. I know that we will win this battle by staying together and by staying indoors and increasing the strength of Government and doctors by staying indoors.


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