World Cup 2019 might be MS. Dhoni’s last Match thinks Harbhajan Singh!

World Cup

Harbhajan Singh thinks that MS. Dhoni might have decided that World Cup 2019 was the last International tournament of his career.

India Off-spinner Harbhajan Singh doesn’t see MS Dhoni playing for the Indian team again. Dhoni has last played for team India in the World Cup Semi-Final against New Zealand in July last year. When Harbhajan Singh was asked about MS. Dhoni’s future during an Instagram chat with opener batsman Rohit Sharma, he said, “When I was in Chennai Super Kings Camp people asked me about dhoni but I don’t know have any idea whether he would play for India or not, it’s completely up to him.

“As far as I know him, he won’t want to wear team India jersey again. IPL he will play but for India, I think that he had decided that World Cup 2019 was his last game”. Harbhajan Singh said that the current team ends losing 70% of its matches as it doesn’t have match-winners lower down the batting order. Harbhajan Singh said that the team is very much dependent on the captain Virat Kohli & the smashing opener Rohit Sharma. “The current Indian squad relies too much on Virat and you. After Virat and if also get dismissed then we lose 70 percent of the matches”. “In our time we had a trust that someone will definitely make runs even if the top three players get out so that the match doesn’t slip out of our hands. This is an important area when the team should work on. You need to wind match-winners”, said Harbhajan Singh who is India’s third-highest wicket-taker in test cricket.

“You had a great performance in World Cup 2019 but just as one had a great World Cup and we reach to the Semi-Finals if we had three who did well in the World Cup than India would have won the World Cup”, Harbhajan Singh added. He leveraged praise on KL Rahul by saying that he is someone who has the ability to bat at any position and perform.  “They play absolutely brilliantly in the IPL but I don’t see them playing with the same spirit for the national team. They are a totally different player in IPL. I think they are scared of their position being gone. If you give them about 9-10 games then they would have a better chance to succeed in the tournament”, Harbhajan Singh said.

“Same in tests also. The team won in Australia and we played well in India too. But in New Zealand Rohit was injured, Prithvi Shaw was brought back which is a good thing”, Harbhajan Singh added.

Whether Dhoni would play for team India in the T20 World Cup or he has already taken retirement in his mind is ‘wait and watch’ thing.


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