“Your Playing Days for India has come to an end”, Yuvraj recalls Dhoni’s Words!


Recently Former India Batsman Yuvraj Singh said that it was MS Dhoni who has revealed to him that his duration of playing for India is over as the selectors weren’t considering him for the 2019 World Cup.

Yuvraj retired from International Cricket in June 2019 after he became sure that he will not get a chance to play in the 2019 World Cup Squad.

In an Interview with News 18, Yuvraj quoted as saying, “Obviously, I had performed in domestic cricket (for Punjab). But then it was Dhoni who showed me the correct picture on the 2019 World Cup and that selectors are not looking at you”.

“He showed me the real picture. He did whatever he could, but sometimes as captain, you can’t justify for everyone. Captains worldwide have got stick, be it Sourav Ganguly or Ricky Ponting. Supporting or not supporting is individual choice. Dhoni gave me clarity. Jitna unse ho saka unhone kiya (he did as much as he could),” Yuvraj Singh said.

The Smashing batsman made his comeback in early 2017 & impressed entire country by making 150 runs against England in Cuttack. But his form dwindled as the year rolled on as he scored just one more fifty and finished with 105 runs from four innings during India’s 2017 Champions Trophy campaign, where the team finished runners-up to Pakistan, further his performance declined on the tour to the Carribean league with his side losing the Champions Trophy & marking the end of Yuvraj’s Career.

Yuvraj has played a crucial role in India’s 2011 World Cup win at his home land but cancer er in 2012 left his career in a doubt. He made his first comeback from illness in 2013 but was left out of the squad for the 2015 World Cup.

“Till the 2011 World Cup, MS had a lot of confidence in me and used to tell me that ‘you are my main player’. But after coming back from illness, the game changed and a lot of changes happened in the team,” Yuvraj said.

“You can’t pinpoint these things; captains have to take the team forward. So as far as the 2015 World Cup is concerned, you can’t really pinpoint at something. So, this is a very personal call.

“So, I understood that, as a captain, sometimes you can’t justify everything because at the end of the day you have to see how the country performs. Every captain supports certain players. I felt MS supported Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja when they struggled a lot. Virat has supported KL. I don’t blame people for not having trust in me when I came back from cancer; I myself took a while to have the same confidence in my game,” Yuvraj added.

He also thanked Virat for supporting him when he made a comeback in the Indian team. Yuvraj said, “But I had the backing of Virat Kohli when I made my final comeback in 2017.When I made my comeback, Virat Kohli supported me. If he had not backed me then I wouldn’t have made a comeback”.


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